AB cal gold 10 litrs

1,850.00 1,480.00

For large breeds, Makes optimum milk production

ABcal gold

* ABCal is an Oral Calcium Fortified with Powerful Bioavailability Enhancers

ABCal Gold
• Offers Higher Bioavailability of Calcium and Phosphorus
• is Fortified with Powerful Galactogogues – Shatavari and Jivanti
• Augments milk Synthesis

Feeding schedule of ABCAL GOLD is:
• Cow and Buffalo – 100ml/day
• Calf and Heifer – 40ml/ay
• Sheep and Goat – 10m1/day

Extremely delicious Mango flavoured ABCal available in 1 Liter, 5 Liter, 10 liters and 20 Liter packs


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