AB cal gel 300 gms

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Calcium Gel
This page contains information on Calcium Gel for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
• Calcium Gel Indications
• Warnings and cautions for Calcium Gel
• Direction and dosage information for Calcium Gel
Calcium Gel
This treatment applies to the following species:

• Dairy Cattle
Company: VetOne
Oral Supplement
A Nutritional Supplement for Dairy Cattle
For oral veterinary use only.
Keep out of reach of children.
Calcium Gel is a nutritional source of calcium used to help maintain normal calcium levels in cows during the critical pre-calving and immediate post-calving period. Calcium Gel is an easy to use non-irritating source of calcium in a bland vegetable oil gel. A small amount of oil may appear in the gel. This is normal and does not affect the use of the product.
DOSAGE: The recommended initial dose is one tube of gel for freshening dairy cattle given before or after calving. If milk fever develops, administer one tube following regular intravenous milk fever treatment to provide supplemental oral calcium. Administer another tube 8 to 16 hours later. If condition continues, consult your veterinarian. Total dose will vary according to the animal’s condition. Do not exceed 2 doses within 24 hours except on the advice of a veterinarian.
ADMINISTRATION: Place cartridge in gel gun. Remove the tip. Restrain animal using a chute, halter or other means. Introduce nozzle end of tube at corner of the mouth. Direct the tube backward and extrude gel on back of animal’s tongue. Use care to prevent injury to the animal. Allow the animal to swallow.
Calcium Gel Indications
Designed for convenience in administrating oral calcium to ruminants suspected of having low blood calcium levels.
Not for human use. Use only as directed. Discard empty container. Do not reuse. Store at room temperature.
The cow must have a swallowing reflex and normal rumen motility for the product to be effective. Animals must be allowed free access to water after administration. During administration, ensure the tube is not forced down the throat. Care must be taken when administering so the product does not enter the trachea and lungs. This can result in severe pneumonia and death.


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